Anne Kemp - International Counsellor - New Zealand

Anne Kemp

Registered counsellor

Anne Kemp - International Counsellor - New Zealand


Bachelors in counselling Wellington Institute of Technology, Wellington New Zealand, 2010; BA Post Graduate Diploma in Education and Psychology, Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand, 2015; Masters in education Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand, 2017

+64 27 338 4414

Wellington, New Zealand

My methodology is characterized by empathy, non-judgment, and patience. I am an attentive listener and empathize deeply with whatever challenges clients are facing. Counseling is a joint effort, founded on mutual trust and confidentiality, and I am equipped to assist you in overcoming the challenges that have brought you to seek counseling. By working together, we will gain a deeper understanding of your experiences and develop a plan to help you make sense of the world around you. I utilize a range of therapeutic techniques to support my clients and I will collaborate with you to identify steps to move forward.

As a counselor, I am committed to creating a safe, serene environment where individuals can express their challenges, emotions and fears with ease. I understand that the decision to seek counseling can be deeply personal, and I work tirelessly to foster a warm and welcoming atmosphere where clients feel respected, heard and understood.

Everyone experiences life differently and has their own unique story to tell. I believe that through counseling, new perspectives and knowledge can be gained, leading to positive change and growth. I am here to walk alongside you as we navigate your counseling journey together.

Member of the New Zealand Counsellors Association

Membership No: 98921