Bianca Keeley - Counselling Psychologist - Bryanston and Chartwell

Bianca Keeley (van der Walt)

Counselling Psychologist

Bianca Keeley - Counselling Psychologist - Bryanston and Chartwell

Bryanston & Chartwell, Johannesburg

BA Psychology (NMMU); BA Honours in Psychology (NMMU); MA Counselling Psychology (NMMU)

087 808 8544

082 518 4613

279 Bryanston Drive, Bryanston, Sandton, South Africa
Chartwell North Estates, Cedar Rd, Chartwell, South Africa

I work therapeutically from a multi-model approach, whereby an integration of various types of therapeutic modalities are used, in order to help tailor the therapeutic process to a client’s needs. I have a keen interest in a variety of areas of therapy including anxiety, depression and various other diagnoses with clients of all ages.

I have found great benefits in integrating animal assisted therapy in my process. Equine assisted therapy and my Golden Retriever, Harper, have been welcomed ‘co-therapists’ in my practice. Their presence and participation has been a great source of support for many clients and they have walked very special journeys with many people.

Because animal assisted therapy has been such a success in my practice, I opened The Willow Therapy Centre, situated in Chartwell North Estates, where the calm, tranquil environment compliments the therapeutic process and provides a space for clients to relax and focus on their journey.

In an effort to support the community, the centre contributes to various organisations and we promote the support of mental health by participating in various television and radio interviews.

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- 7B 9th Chartwell North Estates