Leida Heymann Clinical Psychologist Cape Town

Leida Heymann

Clinical Psychologist

We all have habitual ways of responding to what happens in our lives. These patterns were often shaped by our experiences; both more recent events and those we experienced in childhood. We learn to survive.

At times our old ways of coping become less functional as our lives and circumstances change and it becomes necessary pause and re-evaluate. Often this is a point where someone feels very stuck or overwhelmed and they need the support of a therapist.

As I psychologist I hold an empathic, compassionate space for you to become more aware of what your patterns are. This helps open the possibility for making new choices – allowing you to find healthier ways of doing and being that align more with the life you want to create.

Connect. Grow. Heal.

Practice Number:  PR 0487635
HPCSA Number: PS 0117293

- Welgemoed, Cape Town