Letitia Kleynhans




Hons (B.Psych) Trauma Counseling, PGCE(ecd & fdp)


Bosveld Village, R40, Hoedspruit, South Africa

I am an experienced counselor specializing in Trauma and Child and Family counseling. With 13
years of teaching under my belt and three boys to raise, I have honed my skills in
Play Therapy, Art Therapy, and CBT. My focus on Child and Family Counseling
allows me to utilize my Honours B.Psych in counselling degree and teaching
qualification to their full potential.

My strength as a teacher lies in building connections with my students and
fostering their social and emotional growth for a positive learning experience. While
teaching is one of my passions, it’s my ability to help children grow and become confident in
their environment and abilities that motivates me to continue counselling and help children and families to make meaningful connections.

I draw from my personal experience raising three neurodiverse children to provide
valuable parenting strategies and coping skill.

As a counsellor, I understand the importance of parenting, and I am fully aware of the
challenges it can bring. My goal is to assist parents in navigating these challenges
and support families through difficult times.

CCSA Registration Number: CO 30212

- Bosveld Village, Hoedspruit