Taryn Steyn

Clinical Psychologist


MSc. Clinical Psychology | 2010 | North-West University; Hons. BSc Psychology | 2009 | North-West University; BSc. Psychology & Physiology | 2006-2008 | North-West University

079 238 6817



22 De Waal Street, Brackendowns, Alberton, South Africa

Taryn Steyn is a qualified Clinical Psychologist, offering a brief and integrative psycho-therapeutic approach for a range of emotional and mental health conditions. She has awareness of diverse backgrounds, varied patient needs and circumstances.

Internship and Community Service | Sterkfontein Hospital
Psycho-diagnostic input and psychotherapy to both the general psychiatric and forensic population. Psychotherapy included individual, group and family therapy.

Locum Clinical Psychologist | Life Riverfield Lodge Hospital
Neuropsychological evaluations, neuro-cognitive rehabilitation and supportive psychotherapy for patients who suffered traumatic brain injuries and strokes

Clinical Psychologist | South African National Defence Force
Psychological assessments, planning and execution of combat readiness programs, psychological interventions during deployments and debriefing members post deployment/mission. Providing psychotherapy for both members and their dependents outside of deployments.

Clinical Psychologist | Private Practice
Individual psychotherapy to adolescents (12 and older) and adults for various emotional and mental health conditions.

- Life Brackenview Hospital, Consultation rooms