Dai Heyne

Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist
Claremont & Noordhoek, Cape Town
MA Clin Psych (Pret); MA Equivalency in Core Process Psychotherapy (Karuna Institute UK)
Mobile Number: 072 778 1959
Email Address: daiheyne@gmail.com
6 Feldhausen Avenue, Claremont, Cape Town
9 Carlton Close, Sunnydale, Noordhoek, Cape Town

I have 15 years of experience as a Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist both in South Africa and the United Kingdom working in a variety of settings with a variety of people including:

  • People struggling with their mood – such as feelings of depression, anxiety, anger and fear.
  • People going through a life-change or transition – such as the death of someone close, divorce/end of a relationship, career changes, relocating.
  • People who have experienced a traumatic incident either recently or in the past. This includes people who were sexually, physically and/or emotionally abused.
  • People and couples who are struggling or dissatisfied with the relationships in their lives.
  • People who feel “stressed” and are struggling to cope with their lives in general. This also includes people who are generally dissatisfied with the way they are living their lives and would like to explore new ways of living their lives.

In the short term I aim to help you to cope and get your life back on track again. Should you decide to work with me over a longer time, we will work together to gain a deeper understanding of where your difficulties come from and how they play out in your life. Most importantly, we will aim to unlock the potential for you to live your life more fully that has been blocked by the difficulties you are experiencing.

My training as a Core Process Psychotherapist in the United Kingdom also brings to my work an awareness that each of us is a spiritual being having a unique human experience. This allows an understanding that there is something in us that is always whole, always there while we work with the difficult feelings and issues. Mindfullness is also central to this way of working.

I am both deeply committed to and enjoy my work with people. I am also inspired by the power of the healing relationships that form between myself and the people I work with.

Range of Fees: R770 - R880 (can be claimed back from medical aid)


Health Professions Council Registration number: PS 0055751
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