Batetshi Matenge

Clinical Psychologist

I am a Clinical Psychologist, registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) and with the Board of Health Care Funders (BHF). I completed my Master’s in Clinical Psychology (cum laude) degree at the University of Cape Town.

I offer both brief (supportive) and long term psychodynamically oriented psychotherapy. What this means is that the work we do together aims not only to deal with your current difficulties but also to help you identify patterns in your thoughts, behaviours, and choices that may be leading to a lack of satisfaction in your life. We will therefore work together in addressing your difficulties, and in the process, together help you to reach a deeper level of self-understanding. My therapy is tailored to your particular needs and I strive to provide a professional, non-judgmental environment where you can feel heard and understood.

I offer therapy to adolescents and individual adults, as well as to couples. I also conduct psycho-educational assessments for children.

Making the decision to begin psychotherapy can be a difficult and confusing one. You may have succeeded in overcoming many challenges on your own up till now, but feel anxious and confused as to why you suddenly seem to be struggling. Choosing a psychotherapist can be even more anxiety provoking as you may have countless questions about where to go and whom to see. Psychotherapy is experienced and used in many different ways by different people. It is a highly personal decision. Although this website cannot answer all the questions you may have, I hope I can offer you some understanding of the work I do.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any more questions about therapy in general, or about my services.

HPCSA Number: PS 0130877
Practice Number: PR 0668745