Hilton Calder

Clinical Psychologist

I, Hilton Calder, am a registered clinical psychologist with many years working experience. I have specialist and generalist experience and continue working in both areas. I do individual and group therapy, have run therapeutic communities, managed corporate departments and been a business owner. I am currently also a director of a fledgling, innovative recruitment organisation called Career Custodians and the chairperson of a non-profit organisation (NPO), The Learning Initiative.

My clinical practice and consultancy offerings can be summarised as:

  • Psychotherapy – adolescence, ADD/ADHD and holistic health are areas of special interest
  • Executive and other Coaching – involving Team and Communication Skills Development.
  • Psychometric Assessments for Appointments, Promotions, and Career Development.
  • Business/People Consulting

The coaching or consultancy component was included in order to balance my energy and, to a large extent, the two parts are complimentary.

  • PRACTICE NUMBER: 8608415
  • HPCSA NUMBER: PS001728