Leisha Davies

Clinical Psychologist


Tokai, Cape Town and Online

MA Clinical & Community Psychology 2008 (University of Stellenbosch, South Africa), BSc Honours Social Science 2006 (University of Cape Town, South Africa), MA Music 1997 (Goldsmiths College, University of London, UK)

+27 (0)727318104

Tokai, Cape Town, South Africa

I am a Clinical Psychologist and I work exclusively with adults. I have worked in South Africa and in London in both the private and public health sectors with people ranging from the very ill to those with common life problems. I do traditional psychological ‘talk’ therapy to help people address whatever is troubling them. I am also trained in evidence-based Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy, and in Conscious Breathwork (see my blog on breathwork:

I work with problems of:

  • trauma
  • depression
  • relationship challenges
  • identity struggles, body image, self-esteem difficulties
  • life transitions (like adjusting to new contexts such as immigration, the ageing process, caring for someone very ill)
  • burnout & work-related stress
  • spiritual and/or emotional growth
  • co-dependency and maintaining recovery from substance misuse insomnia (I use a specific and brief protocol called CBT-Insomnia)
  • legal psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy and conscious breathwork
  • personal development

I start off with an assessment, which is about clarifying what the problems are. From there onwards, I follow your goals for therapy, and we then get on with doing the inner work.

I am informed by several different models of psychology including but not limited to attachment theory, schema therapy somatic approaches (that is, listening to the body) self-psychology, humanistic and existential approaches. I also draw from contemplative wisdom traditions. In addition, I teach people about the nervous system (polyvagal theory) and how to skilfully regulate states of stress and/or dissociation. There are many ways of knowing and of being. I appreciate complexity. See my blog for more information on traditional talk therapy:

I also have a blog on the emerging mental health treatment in psychedelic medicine:

More recent qualifications include: 

  • Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (The Ketamine Training Centre, USA, 2023)
  • Psychedelic Practitioner (The Synthesis Institute in The Netherlands, 2022)
  • Integrative Somatic Parts work with Internal Family Systems (US, 2022)
  • CBT for Insomnia (Oxford University, UK, 2022)

Prior to my career in psychology, I worked as a classical singer. I value creative expression and believe that everyone has that capability. In my personal life, I find great fulfilment in music, art, books, nature, friendship, and family. I do daily contemplative practice (meditation, nature walking) to maintain my own equanimity as life can be enormously challenging for us all.

My style is one of high engagement. I like to work in an expansive, rich way and invite you to join me in that deep-dive into your psychology.

I have a private practice in Tokai, Cape Town. I also offer some online spaces for those not able to attend in person, or who are resident in the UK.

Practice Number:  0378569

HPCSA Number:  PS0103559

HCPC-UK Number: PYL35471

- Tokai, Cape Town