Carin-Lee Masters - Clinical Psychologist - Constantia Cape Town

Carin-Lee Masters

Clinical Psychologist

Carin-Lee Masters - Clinical Psychologist - Constantia Cape Town

Constantia, Southern Suburbs, Cape Town

BA (Hons: UCT) MA. Arts (Clinical Psych: Rhodes)


Constantia, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

I have been a registered Clinical Psychologist since 2005 with an eclectic approach to psychotherapy whereby I use various therapy modalities to match and support the emotional needs of a client. Prior to embarking on a therapy journey with a client I start with a thorough assessment in order to gain a deeper understanding of the history and possible contributing and maintaining factors of a client’s problems.

All human beings experience difficulties and while we possess the emotional and cognitive resources to manage them,  there are times when professional support may be required to  help manage, gain insight and journey with a client to explore the unconscious elements leading to or causing obstacles in someone’s emotional life. Thus therapy can help an individual work with and overcome these obstacles that hinder their daily functioning and present moment living, as well as liberate them from past experiences which may prevent them from fully enjoying their lives and relationships. I have a client-centred approach, with an emphasis on being non-judgemental of whatever the client presents. A lot of my work focuses on processing past childhood experiences which unconsciously may be causing various emotional  and relational difficulties. I mostly use a psychodynamic approach where the focus is on the relational aspect of therapy including the therapeutic relationship and how this may help the client to work through past difficulties. 

I work with adults on various issues including anxiety, depression, trauma, stress management, family and relationship problems, poor self-esteem, bipolar disorder, autistic spectrum related problems, life transitions, inner child work.


HPCSA Number: 0091057
Practice Number: 0356363