Linda Mthenjane

Clinical Psychologist & Couples Therapist

As a professional with 25 years of work experience, having been married for 22 years, a mother of a teenager(16),  and a young adult (20), I bring both theoretical and practical experience to my practice. I believe in the sanctity of the family and all types of committed relationships as being key to holding society together. What I have discovered over the years of practice is that human beings key need is to be connected. My ability to manage the space between partners and families has been my strongest quality to success in therapy and the ability to help the repair process. My experience as an HR executive enables my understanding of the impact of work on relationships thus offering  a fuller view of the human being as a whole.

My areas of focus are

  • Working with partners in conflict
  • Working with families whose space has been contaminated by the couple dynamic
  • Working with relationships in work teams
  • Educating on the psychological impact of parenting and socialisation

Practice No: 8634203
HPCSA Number: PS00051985

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