Dr Beverly Slater - Clinical Psychologist - Edenvale, Johannesburg

Dr Beverly Slater

Clinical Psychologist

Dr Beverly Slater - Clinical Psychologist - Edenvale, Johannesburg

Edenvale, Johannesburg

BSc (Wits); BSc Hons (Psych) (Wits); MSc (Psych) (Rau); MA Clin Psych (Pretoria); Ph D (Wits)

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Edenvale, Johannesburg, South Africa

I completed my studies in 1998. However, I see learning as ongoing and continuously update my knowledge and skills (I am currently registered for Doctoral Studies at Wits University.)

I have had a diverse range of working experience starting off as a school psychologist. I went on to work at Tara Hospital which is an academic environment, of which 2 days a week I was based at Alex Clinic. I then joined Tabitha Hume at the X-Clinic as the in- house psychologist. Here I specialized in woman’s health issues. I am currently working in private practice at a medical centre in Edenvale where I see a wide spectrum of patients ranging in age from as young as 3. I see men as well as women, children and adolescents and do individual, couple and family work. The focus of my practice nowadays is fairly broad based and I will do trauma debriefing as well as work with psychiatric issues such as personality disorders, depression and othermood disorders, anxiety, stress, eating disorders, work- related stress and burn-out, divorce, addiction and domestic violence.

I see psychotherapy as the process that facilitates change. It is the healing that takes place within a therapeutic relationship. Talking with a trained professional in a contained space provides insight into emotions, thoughts, past events and relationships.

Psychotherapy can assist in the alleviation of enormous pain and suffering as well as in the addition of meaning and richness in life.

“I am not now
That which I have been”

George Byron

Practice No: 8642494
HPCSA Reg No: PS 0063053