Clinical Psychologist, Leslie Ebben B.A Psych (UJ), B.A. Hons Psych (UJ), M.A Clin Psych (UJ)

Mandy Magid

Clinical Psychologist

I am a clinical psychologist working with adolescents from aged 12 and up as well as adults. I deal with a wide variety of psychological and psychiatric difficulties. I work in an integrative manner, utilising whichever techniques are most appropriate for my client. Both long term and short term therapy is available.

I work from an intergrative orientation utilising psychodynamic techniques as well as cognitive behavioural strategies and EMDR amongst others.

I assess the client and then decide on the best mode of treatment from there together with the client.

Every individual has a different reason for seeking psychotherapy.

Whatever the reason is, whether it is to assist with managing a mood disorder, trauma debriefing or grief therapy to name a few, therapy can assist in many different ways.

Therapy provides a confidential, professional and private space in which to work through current and past difficulties. It allows for learning about oneself, developing new and more healthy coping mechanisms or learning to manage stress and anxiety. Therapy can also allow you to achieve more meaning in your life.

The decision to attend therapy is often a difficult one. I feel privileged to be allowed into my client’s lives and will assist them in this process in a warm and professional manner.

I have a special interest in:

  • Depression
  • Post natal depression
  • Anxiety
  • Psychiatric difficulties such as bipolar mood disorder
  • Personality disorders
  • Trauma
  • Bereavement/grief
  • Chronic pain management
  • Chronic illness such as cancer
  • Neuropsychological difficulties
  • Relationship issues
  • Domestic, verbal and emotional Abuse
  • Work stress
  • EMDR
  • Hypnotherapy

Practice No: 086 001 0446807

HPCSA No: PS 0112682