Marina Genis

Clinical Psychologist

Individual Psychotherapy

The journey of processing difficulties and learning about oneself is a path which not many people dare to travel, despite the immense rewards such a journey offers. Building a trusting relationship with my client and creating a safe space to work in, is of utmost importance to me. As a therapist, this quote by Terence really resonates with me: “I am human; let nothing human be alien to me.” Although I work with most disorders and psychological difficulties, my areas of interest include adult survivors of childhood abuse, including sexual abuse and trauma.

Criminal and Medico-Legal Forensic Assessments

Areas of assessment comprise psychological evaluation of offenders (including sexual offenders), risk for violence, risk for sex offending, presentencing evaluations, as well as victim impact reports. Medico-legal assessments include evaluating the impact of a traumatic incident, whether it is clinical, neuropsychological or both. This service comprises assessment, a forensic psychological report and courtroom testimony.

Training & Experience

Marina obtained her MA Clinical Psychology degree (with distinction) from the University of Pretoria. She has been exposed to and worked in various environments including in-patient settings, i.e. psychiatric hospitals and private psychiatric clinics as well as out-patient settings, i.e. private practice, clinics and prison. She worked for the South African Police Service in the Investigative Psychology Section, assisting investigators with psychologically motivated crimes, such as serial rape, serial murder and child sexual abuse, specifically peadophiles.  She has testified in numerous criminal cases relating to serial rape, paedophilia, filicide and child pornography as well as medico-legal cases relating to trauma and traumatic brain injury.

HPCSA No: PS0106712
Practice No: 0362115