Melinda Fouche

Clinical Psychologist

Gardens, City Bowl, Cape Town

Masters in Clinical Psychology & Community Counselling – Stellenbosch University

071 393 2480

21A De Lorentz Street, Gardens, Cape Town, 8001, South Africa

I have a special interest in working with people who are faced with major life changes or decisions, and who generally feel “stuck” or overwhelmed.  Often these feelings are related to grief or loss, the experience of trauma, or the onset of an illness. At times, there is no immediate, obvious point of origin for these uncomfortable feelings, but we find them debilitating in certain, or all areas of our daily lives.  I work from an integrative psychodynamic framework, and I believe that we are able to identify unconscious patterns of behaviour and thinking, through increased self-awareness, within a therapeutic relationship. Ultimately this increased insight can lead to changes in our thinking and behaviour, and a fuller ownership of our lives and emotions.

Areas of Interest:

  • Issues related to personal identity, gender, race and spirituality
  • Trauma and stressful life transitions in adults and adolescents
  • Psychosomatic issues and chronic illness
  • Supporting professionals in stressful and trauma-exposed professions
  • Support for parents of children with special needs
  • Personal insight and growth
  • Grief and loss
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Mood challenges (depression, anxiety, anger)

I work in English and Afrikaans.

HPCSA nr: PS0139211
Practice nr: 0811211