Jonathan Gilberg

Clinical Psychologist

Hout Bay, Cape Town

BsocScie in Psychology (UCT); BA Honours in Psychology (UNISA); Masters in Clinical Psychology (Cum Laude) (UNISA)

076 232 3837

2 Meadow Ln, Tierboskloof, Cape Town, South Africa

About Me

Psychology has always been a passion of mine, as I love interacting with and connecting with different types of people in a deep and authentic manner.

The most rewarding aspect of my chosen field is the satisfaction that comes with witnessing first-hand the growth and healing of my clients, as they integrate various facets of self to find a new and sustainable sense of meaning, purpose and wholeness.

Over the past ten years of my career I have had many educational, inspiring, and meaningful experiences working with various individuals and groups, within various clinical settings. These include psychiatric hospitals, psychiatric community clinics, substance abuse rehabilitation centres, psycho-social rehabilitation centres, educational contexts and private practise.

Focus of Psychotherapy

My psychotherapeutic stance veers away from confining psychiatric labels and rather focuses on healing the underlying cause of the distress.​

I consider each client to be unique, thus the psychotherapeutic process is not a space of judgement and proscription. Rather it is a process of facilitating, supporting and empowering clients to take their own unique journey towards healing and wholeness. I act as a guide to my clients, however I follow their personal  tempo and pace, with deep respect for their feelings and experiences throughout their process.

My psychotherapeutic method is free of culturally specific content and is thus suitable across diverse groups of people with different belief systems and personal preferences.

Holistic Psychotherapy Treatment

​My psychotherapeutic method-Spontaneous Healing Intra-systemic Process (SHIP) facilitates healing through a process of spontaneous integration of past trauma (developmental, relational and acute).

When we have not integrated past traumatic memories they remain out of our conscious awareness while at the same time determining how we react to the world around us. This results in repetitive behaviours and choices that are not aligned with our deepest well-being and create destructive, painful patterns in our personal lives and relationships.

​This is a specialised psycho-bio-dynamic psychotherapy treatment, which facilitates healing at different levels of the self – the mind, emotion and body. It is based on the premise that under optimum conditions, the human body has the natural ability to self-correct and heal the physical, psychological and emotional dis-ease caused by past trauma (overwhelming experiences).

This approach to healing is uniquely tailored to the individual and places the client at the centre of their own healing journey. In my own experience, and that of my clients, this method has proven to be extremely effective in integrating deep trauma and creating sustainable transformation. It liberates one from a constricting and deterministic past, availing a sea of untapped potential and possibilities in the present and future.

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HPCSA No: PS 0133710