Clinical Psychologist, Leslie Ebben B.A Psych (UJ), B.A. Hons Psych (UJ), M.A Clin Psych (UJ)

Bruce Laing

Clinical Psychologist

For the therapist, therapy is the art of listening. For the client – it’s about being understood, made sense of, about integrating our disparate bits and pieces into a whole person. I invite my clients to engage with curiosity about his or her internal world – and then to wonder in the delight of the discovery of self. So my process encourages thinking – linking the different parts of the self – to make sense of who we are. It is more of a philosophical approach – of meaning making – it is a journey of discovery.

I am a clinical psychologist in private practice and I provide therapy for adults, adolescents and play-therapy for children and parental guidance. I work from a psychodynamic perspective, but do offer cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT), narrative and person centred approaches. Either short-term or long term therapy is available depending on your requirements.

I provide therapy in the following areas;

For adults and adolescents;

  • Anxiety and adjustment disorders
  • Eating disorders
  • Depression and mood disorders
  • Trauma
  • Substance Abuse
  • Life changes and Interpersonal struggles
  • Feelings of being ‘stuck’ and ’empty’
  • Gay, lesbian, transgender issues

For children;

  • Anxiety struggles such as separation, school refusal, shyness or general anxiety
  • Difficulties in making friends
  • Bedwetting and sleeping problems
  • Disruptive and aggressive behaviours
  • Phobias and OCD
  • ADHD

Parental guidance

Parents often struggle in managing a child’s complex behaviours. Parental guidance offers a space to think about their child and their mode of parenting. It also offers a safe space where parents can think together around the complexities of being a parent. Often a parent will resort to a parenting style which feels unfamiliar. Parental guidance assists the parental dyad into understanding their relationships both with themselves and their children.

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