Romy Perkins

Clinical Psychologist
La Lucia, Durban
B.Soc.Sci.(Psych.), B.Soc. Sci. Hons. (Psych.); MA (Clin. Psych.)
Telephone: 031 572 3856
Mobile Number: 073 393 2938
Email Address:
La Lucia, Durban

I am a registered clinical psychologist and have my practice in La Lucia, Durban. My work as a psychotherapist is largely inspired by the psychodynamic or analytic field. I have found psychotherapy to be a useful space in which one can honestly and safely address life difficulties, and mobilise effective coping resources, in the hopes of achieving a more fulfilling life.

The work of gaining insight into what motivates our behaviour and emotional experiences, both on conscious and unconscious levels, can free our attention and energy to live life in fuller and happier ways. From this perspective therapy involves exploring our emotional world and how this is expressed in or daily lives, as well as looking at the ways we become ‘stuck’ in old patterns, both in the therapy room and outside of it. It also involves looking at relationships, in the past and present, as well as exploring, both effective and negative, patterns of thinking, feeling and relating to ourselves and to others. A good therapeutic relationship is important to do this, it is therefore important to find a therapist with whom one feels comfortable.

It is important at the start of the therapy process to carefully assess an individual’s specific reasons for coming to therapy as well as relevant aspects of one’s background. This allows the therapist and patient to collaborate together on setting realistic goals for the therapy process, and to see whether additional referral/s may be needed.

In terms of my professional background, I completed my undergraduate training at the then UND, and my Masters at the UKZN in 2004, during which time my thesis research involved an exploration of quality of life and social support of women and families affected by Endometriosis and fertility issues. I subsequently obtained clinical experience working in various Government hospitals in and around Durban after my academic training.

While opening my practice in 2006, I also worked at an Acute Neurological Rehabilitation Unit in Durban which involved supportive and cognitive work with patients (and affected families) with head injuries, spinal cord injuries, as well as other neurological conditions.

I currently enjoy working with people of various ages who experience:

  • Depression
  • Grief and Loss
  • Anxiety and Panic
  • Trauma
  • Difficulty relating to others

Practice No: 0216151
HPCSA Reg: PS0090883