Mark Southwood

Clinical Psychologist
Menlo Park, Pretoria
B.Com, MA Clinical Psychology
Mobile Number: 076 061 4078
Email Address:
28 10th Street Menlo Park Pretoria

I am a clinical psychologist working in Menlo Park in Pretoria. I have 13 years experience working as a high school teacher and as such I am interested in the challenges faced by adolescents. I believe that individuals are shaped by the system that they operate in and it is therefore important to look at how they operate in their environment.

I am also interested in sport and how individuals can maximize their sporting performance by looking at the mental aspect of performance. My research has also shown sport to be a useful tool in dealing with various psychosocial issues.

Another interest of mine is neuropsychology and looking at the way the brain operates. I believe that it is important to note how physiological factors can impact on behaviour.

As a husband and parent I feel that there are personal experiences which allow me to understand the challenges many of my clients face.

Practice Number: 0522473
HPCSA Number: PS0120499