Rosemary Martin

Clinical Psychologist

Newlands, Cape Town

B.Sc.(Physio.)(UCT); B.A.(Hons.)(UCT); M.A.(Clin. Psych.)(UCT)

073 365 2395

29 Thibault Avenue, Newlands, Cape Town, South Africa

I specialise in Couple and Individual Psychotherapy for adults of all ages. I have been practicing as a psychotherapist for more than 30 years.  My approach to therapy is psychoanalytically orientated. This involves exploring both conscious and unconscious material. Distressing experiences from the past are hidden in symptoms and difficulties we experience in the present.

I see individuals suffering from difficulties such as: depression, post-natal depression, anxiety, relationship problems, adjustment difficulties, loss, trauma and abuse, as well as terminal illness and chronic medical conditions. Some people come to psychotherapy because of many general feelings like guilt, stress, anger and/or feeling that they are not coping.

Couple (or conjoint) therapy aims to promote communication, mutual understanding, as well as constructive ways of dealing with conflict and difference between two people. As a couple/conjoint psychotherapist, I see premarital, married and unmarried couples who are experiencing distress in their relationship. The couple may be comprised of either same sex, or opposite sex partners. Sometimes work colleagues, siblings or a parent, plus their adult child seek conjoint therapy.

Our sessions (individual/couple/conjoint) start with an assessment. We explore your reasons for seeking therapy, your life story and how you see your difficulties. Together, we think about the issues we need to explore if you choose to continue in therapy. It is very important that you feel at ease and are able to really be yourself in therapy. During the assessment phase, you are able to decide if you feel comfortable with me and how I work.

Therapy is normally medium or long term, this depends on your needs and circumstances. I provide an empathic and non-threatening therapy experience. I am quite active in our sessions, asking questions and making links. Confidentiality and respect for you and your well-being are of paramount importance to me.

Talking and feeling heard is restorative. It also helps you value and understand your thoughts and feelings. This process facilitates a deeper understanding of yourself and what lies beneath the symptoms that brought you to therapy. Psychotherapy enhances your ability to observe, think about and find meaning in your own, and others’ behaviour and reactions.

As a result of the insight and personal growth gained in therapy, you will be more able to make different life choices and to deal with difficulties in constructive ways. Therapy is an investment in you, your relationships and your life.

Professional Memberships

  • Cape Town Society for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy(CTSPP) (past Chairperson)
  • Association of Couple Psychoanalytic Psychotherapists(ACPP) (founder member)
  • SA Psychoanalytic Initiative (SAPI).
  • SA Psychoanalytic Confederation (SAPC)


Discovery Health Medical Aid Rates.

HPCSA registration number: PS0028061
Practice number:  8616302