Annika Nicol

Clinical Psychologist

What I offer

I offer a safe and gentle space for you to enquire into the difficulties you are experiencing. This may include feelings of low self worth and mood, anxiety, a stressful life situation, loss of a loved one, difficulties in your relationship, overwhelming feelings that are hard to understand, or maybe feeling blocked and stuck in your life in general.

I want to help you to see clearly what is happening inside you and to understand your feelings.  I want to help you to look at practical ways of supporting and resourcing yourself to be able to deal with your problems more effectively.

In short term therapy we will focus on strategies to cope with your problems and move forward with your life. In longer term therapy I will support you to deepen awareness of yourself and the problem and gain understanding of yourself and how life events have impacted and shaped you.

What I believe about therapy

If a client feels safe and held, and deeply heard and understood by their therapist, deep transformation is possible. Within a warm and supportive relationship, the client and therapist can work together to understand and find solutions to the difficulties that are experienced. A client will feel less alone with their problem and that can make the difference between a problem being bearable or intolerable.

My training

I qualified in1997 as Clinical Psychologist in Pretoria. I moved to the UK in 2000 where I worked as a psychologist in the NHDS for 10 years before moving back to SA in 2010.

During this time I completed a 7 year training in Core Process Psychotherapy with the Karuna Institute. This training is about relational or depth Mindfulness and is about deepening awareness of ourselves – our thoughts, feelings and body sensations – as they are experienced in the present moment.

I work with individuals and couples as well as pregnant women with specific focus on relating with their unborn babies.


I am a mother, a singer, I love silence and being in nature. I really enjoy connecting with people in a real way.

I feel passionate about my work supporting other beings to live from a deeper and more conscious place in themselves.

HPCSA Number: PS0055816
Practice Number: 8636338