Dr Vanessa Marais

Clinical Psychologist
Durbanville & Stellenbosch, Northern Suburbs, Cape Town
Mobile Number: 082 929 5699
Botterblom Straat, Vierlanden, Durbanville
Rustenvrede, (MCare, Optima Hospital), Helshoogte Rd (R310), Kylemore, Banhoek Vallei, Stellenbosch

I have been in private practice for 26 years. I have been specialising in cancer and cancer-treatment related psychological problems, which include depression, anxiety, emotional hardship and sexual dysfunctions (including sexual body-image and self-esteem).

Therapeutically I work with all types of cancer, regardless of the stage of the cancer or treatment modality, with breast cancer as my main speciality.

I do individual psychotherapy, but also work with the family or partner.  I predominantly do cognitive therapy and cognitive - behavioral therapy (short- or long-term) which includes emotional expression and the developing of coping- and adaptation skills for personal growth.

I also treat depression and anxiety in general-, and related to chronic pain and chronic illnesses and trauma.

My patients are generally 18 years and older.

HPCSA number: 0035602
Practice number: