Cara Browde

Clinical Psychologist

My approach to therapy is collaborative and oriented to developing insight and self-awareness. Within a safe and comfortable setting, I integrate elements from different therapeutic modalities – including psychodynamics, mindfulness and solution-focused therapy- to best suit the unique needs of the person in front of me. The life of the mind has always fascinated me, and through my work as a therapist I have come to know that helping people understand their own minds helps them to have more peaceful, more engaged and richer life experiences.

Depending on the nature of the problem, therapy may proceed within a short, medium or long-term model. When necessary, I work closely with other health-care professionals to ensure that my clients receive comprehensive and holistic care. I offer sessions for individuals as well as couples.

Sessions are charged within medical aid rates.

Some of the issues I work with:

  • Low mood: mild, moderate and severe depression. Fluctuating moods and energy levels
  • Anxiety: difficulty making decisions, panic attacks, performance anxiety, obsessive thoughts and behaviours
  • Relationship problems (spouse, family or friends): conflict, beginnings and endings
  • Grief and bereavement: working with and through loss
  • Eating disorders: over or under-eating, binge eating, distressing thoughts about food/weight
  • Personal growth: generally feeling stuck, looking to gain self-understanding


Practice number: 0492582
HPCSA number: PS0117005

- Child & Family Centre