Melissa Melnick

Clinical Psychologist
Rondebosch, Cape Town & Online
Mobile Number: 083 350 0943
Email Address:
2 Rose Cottage, Rouwkoop Avenue, Rondebosch, Cape Town

During periods of lockdown or social distancing : I offer Online therapy ,Skype therapy , WhatsApp call therapy, WhatsApp video therapy ,Zoom therapy ,Google hangouts therapy , Landline telephone therapy and therapy on your cell phone.

Rates available if session requested

I have had a psychotherapy practice in Cape Town for the past 18 years working with individuals, adolescents and children and parents offering in-depth (long and short term) psychotherapy and play therapy. I also do medico-legal assessments of adults and children.

There are various reasons why someone would want to consult a Psychologist.

  • You may want to understand and get to know yourself better in order to facilitate personal growth.
  • You and your partner may be experiencing relationship difficulties or may want to grow as a couple due to facing life transitions
  • You may have experienced a particularly traumatic event such as divorce, hijacking or you may have been recently  diagnosed with a terminal illness, and need to deal with the emotional distress you are experiencing.
  • You may have a physical or psychological condition such as Post Natal Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Anxiety, Eating Disorders, Fibromyalgia, Cancer, HIV or you may be experiencing long standing emotional distress relating the loss of a love one or another life stressor.
  • You may be worried about your child’s behavior or academic progress

How I work

My approach to therapy is based on offering clients careful, respectful, and non-judgmental listening. This approach is best suited to people who are interested in using therapy as an opportunity to get free of symptoms that have become painful or disruptive in their lives, while at the same time learning more about themselves. This kind of talking aims to foster greater self-awareness and the growth of the whole person.

I work primarily from a psychodynamic framework. This means that I place an emphasis on developing a purposeful working relationship with my clients so that together we are able to understand how (often unrecognised) thoughts, feelings, and behaviours contribute towards the development and maintenance of their personal difficulties.

Psychodynamic psychotherapy aims at assisting one in developing internal psychological resources , personal awareness and self reflective abilities, thereby allowing you to better prevent, cope with, and manage life (or other) stressors that may otherwise trigger, maintain or exacerbate personal difficulties, or psychological challenges. The therapy will address symptoms that you may be struggling with as well as the reasons as to why such symptoms may have arisen in the first place, what sustains these symptoms, what makes them worse, and what helps reduce or alleviate these symptoms.

Working with Children, Teenagers and Parents

If you are a parent concerned about your child’s behavior or assisting them with adjustment post divorce, a bereavement, or a recently diagnosed terminal illness, an assessment for therapy would be offered. This can include meeting with caregivers, individual play therapy sessions/therapy for teenagers and confidential feedback requested from their school as well as parent feedback sessions. I also work closely with Occupational Therapists, Educational Psychologists and Speech and Language Therapists in assisting with the emotional difficulties that can accompany learning difficulties, developmental delays and difficulties with attention and concentration.


I completed my academic training as a Clinical Psychologist through the University of Cape Town where I completed a BSocSci (Psychology/ Personnel Management). I then completed a BA Hons (Psychology) at Rhodes University and an MA (Clinical Psychology) from the University of the Western Cape.

I have also completed further training in various fields of related professional development, including a Certificate in Therapeutic Communication with Children through the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust UK , training in Parent Infant Psychotherapy, Family and Divorce Mediation from FAMAC, and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction.

I have also lectured and supervised psychology students in training at the local universities.

Professional Memberships

  • Health Professions Council of South Africa HPCSA : Pr number 0860000081906
  • South African Psychoanalytic Confederation SAPC
  • South African Medicolegal Society SAML


HPCSA Pr no: 0860000081906

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