Nadine Knopfmacher

Clinical Psychologist
Sandton, Johannesburg
B.A. (Wits), B.A.Hons (Fr lang and lit) (Wits), B.A.Hons (Applied Psychology) (Wits), M.A.Clin.Psych. (Wits)
Telephone: 011 783 3304
Mobile Number: 082 789 2655
Jennifer Grove, Strathavon Sandton, Johannesburg

I am a Clinical Psychologist in private practice in the Sandton area. I offer Adult Individual Psychotherapy as well as Couples Therapy. I have worked with a wide range of problems and issues facing people, including: Stress, Anxiety, Self-esteem, Depression or other mood issues, Relationship problems , Crises, Parenting concerns, Loss or bereavement, Eating and Addiction issues, Trauma, other Life pain/dilemmas/conflicts (eg, ageing, fertility, emigration, work choices), or general need for Personal growth.

My orientation is Psychodynamic. My approach is to help a person understand him or herself at a deeper emotional level in order to deal with past or present issues.

Psychotherapy offers a safe and confidential space in which to explore any psychological matters, to feel understood, and to come to understand yourself and yourself in relation to others, with the hopes of moving towards any desired change. My commitment as a psychotherapist is to help you attain a greater sense of well-being.

Practice No. 8636702
HPCSA Reg. No. 0056464