Bryony Niemann

Clinical Psychologist

I am a registered clinical psychologist offering individual psychotherapy for adults. I offer short or long term therapy, based on a joint decision about your specific needs. Psychotherapy is designed to be a confidential and safe space to express problems and worries you have been unable to talk about or solve elsewhere. Psychotherapy is not a quick-fix though and is a different experience for each individual.

I chose to work primarily in a psychodynamic framework, which focuses on developing self-knowledge and insight in order to shift repetitive patterns of behaviour that cause you distress or discomfort. Often individuals became stuck in specific areas of their lives and therapy can provide a non-judgemental and non-critical space to explore what has become stuck or difficult. I find CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) a useful addition to focus on supporting change in more healthy self-beliefs. 

I can offer help and support with difficulties such as:

  • Life changes (job loss, move, birth, death, etc.)
  • Relationship problems (communication problems, conflict, divorce)
  • Depression and self-esteem difficulties
  • Anxiety, worry and panic attacks
  • Problematic emotional states like persistent anger
  • General stress or dissatisfaction in life

I understand that it can be a difficult and anxiety-provoking decision to enter in psychotherapy, so please feel free to email or phone should you have any questions or worries about the process of psychotherapy.

HPCSA registration number: PS 0119962
Practice number: 086 001 0532053