Elma Bartlett

Clinical Social Worker
Parkview, Johannesburg
MA Social Work UP 1984, Diplomate Clinician Logotherapy Victor Frankl Institute
Mobile Number: 082 920 0437
Email Address: elma@barnau.co.za
38 Westmeath Rd Parkview Johannesburg


I absolutely love my work and have a positive outlook on life. I work hard and am dedicated to the wellbeing of my clients. I believe that meaning can be found in any situation whether it is loss, trauma or a transitional phase. I’m a spiritual person and I have a deep respect for all people and believe that each person has the potential to grow and to be great.


  • Positive & Enthusiastic
  • Warm and caring
  • Organised
  • High energy levels
  • Good communicator
  • Proficiency in English and Afrikaans


  • Sensitive to criticism
  • Tend to work too hard
  • Tend to be pleasing

Other interests

Music, reading, movies, hiking, beautiful things and cooking.


I’m a Clinical Social worker and an internationally accredited Logotherapist with almost 30 years’ experience in the private therapy, institutional, educational and commercial spheres. My grounding as a therapist was obtained at the Institute of Child and Parent Guidance at UJ, as director of FAMSA in Potchefstroom and as a group facilitator at the psychiatry department of Milpark hospital, Johannesburg.

As a part time lecturer in Social Care at the Pretoria Technicon I guided students but also continued my own professional development over the years. I completed various extensive courses on counselling, trauma therapy, handling difficult children, addictions, divorce, narrative therapy, play therapy as well as logotherapy. I was trained in doing TIR (Trauma incident reduction) and am also a level 1 TRE (trauma release exercises) specialist. I’m involved with various Wellness Centres as a wellness consultant and therapist. I’m also working closely with Riverfield Hospital enabling patients with addictions and mental problems to find new meaning and direction and to be reintegrated in their families and communities after treatment in hospital.

In my private practice, I’m actively involved in supporting people in finding balance, resilience and meaning in times of turbulence and loss. My private practice involves the following:

  • Marital, relationship, divorce and family therapy;
  • Logotherapy in order to find meaning in situations of loss;
  • Personal growth therapy as well as working with stress, depression and anxiety;
  • Trauma debriefing (onsite), trauma therapy and bereavement therapy;
  • I work individually and in groups in Parkview and also am prepared to go onsite according to the client’s need

Practice number: 10-05211
HPCSA number: 8903484