Heleen Louw

Clinical Social Worker

I am a therapist with extensive experience in working with trauma; loss and grief;relationship problems and anger management. I also offer therapy in nature for both groups and individuals. I speak English and Afrikaans.


A traumatic experience can leave one helpless seriously affecting one’s ability to carry on your regular activities. It is important to find ways to work through this experience in order to regain one’s power. I have extensive experience working in this field including with family violence, rape, assault, high-jacking, housebreaking and accidents. I have the skills and patience to help you understand the changes in your emotions, thoughts, beliefs and behavior and to support and guide you through the recovery process and to regain control over your life. You will also understand anxiety attacks better and learn to manage them.

General Anxiety  and Panic Attacks

Analysing anxiety and panic attacks often points to unmanaged fears. Identifying these fears, checking reality with worst case scenarios and making survival plans reduces the anxiety.  Negative self-talk is another cause of anxiety and panic attacks. To address these in a constructive way will bring relief to an anxious person. I will help you to create a management plan for your anxiety.

Loss & Grief

During our life we will all experience many losses for example death of a loved one, divorce and loss of work. Although time and the support of those close to us soften life’s blows it is also very important that we accept the reality of loss, feel the associated feelings, adjust our life and find ways to continue and move on with our life. In bereavement therapy I will help you with this process and also enable you to find ways to reconnect with and motivate/energize yourself.

Relationship Problems

In relationships differences, conflicts, misunderstanding, hurt and unmet needs can arise. Because relationships make us vulnerable we can experience difficulties in the process of growing together. An impartial therapist can guide you through important stepping stones that will take your relationship forward. In therapy we will assess where partners or other relationships such as between family members have lost their closeness and connection, revisit hurtful spaces, learn more effective ways of communication and find steps to connect and build a more fulfilling relationship.

Imago Relationship Therapy

I am a relationship therapist applying Imago Relationship Therapy. I assist couples to better understand and accept themselves and their partner.  This is achieved through intentional dialogue instead of reactions. I provide a safe space where anger, anxiety and depression related to disconnection in relationships can be resolved. Intentional dialogue enhances self-reflection and empathy resulting in improved connection between partners. Healing and growth can take place when couples feel connected and safe.


I will assist you in very practical ways to gain insight into where anger comes from. We will also examine what emotions anger covers up e.g. feelings of powerlessness, loss and sadness, thoughts of unfairness and lack of acknowledgement. The ways in which you may give yourself permission to express anger in unacceptable and destructive ways and the consequences of that will also be looked at. Together we will explore the negative consequences of anger and violent outbursts and its impact on relationships.  With your new insight I will assist you in developing interpersonal skills to express yourself effectively and to find ways of standing up for yourself more constructively.

Healing in Nature

Many aspects of our life may create pressure and often unmanaged stress. Nature is one of the most powerful tranquilizers and stress reducers. Through my knowledge, appreciation and passion for nature I offer therapy with both groups and individuals outside in natural settings. This involves walking and talking; using the sounds of nature to slow us down; using more focused awareness to promote presence and using the many metaphors around us to transform and heal us. Almost everyone can benefit in some way from nature therapy and those dealing with issues such as stress, anxiety and depression may find it especially helpful.

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