Michael Leak - Registered Counsellor - Kirstenhof, Cape Town

Michael Leak

Certified Counsellor

We all go through challenges in our lives that we need to deal with and work through. I was the second adopted child in the family I grew up with, and had an extremely difficult childhood.

I never felt like I belonged, and for some reason I grew up believing I was not good enough.  In the search for acceptance, I spent a lot of my life pleasing other people. I had taken on many of my parents’ values and beliefs and eventually realised that their beliefs were not mine.

My life’s journey has been about finding and accepting myself for who I am, accepting my strengths and weaknesses.

My journey, like yours, is an unfolding process. I have started living more authentically and this makes me feel happier.  I can help you in your journey too.

I offer the following services:

Counselling for Individuals

  • Seeking self-love and acceptance
  • Acceptance of a situation you are born into
  • Seeking to resolve life challenges
  • Feel that the life you are living is no longer serving you
  • Overcoming trauma or trying to find their way out of a crisis
  • Battling to make the ‘right’ career change
  • Need someone to simply listen to you and hear you
  • Making friends
  • Have suffered loss of a loved one, a hope/dream, or even material possession
  • Reached the point where the pain of staying the way you are outweighs the pain of changing
  • Want to live authentically

Counselling for Couples

  • Constant arguing, resentment and disengagement is creeping in
  • Are uncertain about whether or not you still love your partner
  • Have lost a partner and are trying to put your life back together

Counselling for Families

  • Tired of sibling rivalry
  • Strained family relationships causing disharmony
  • Were adopted or who are thinking of adopting, or simply contemplating a family extension
  • Life stage adjustments (full house to empty-nest syndrome)
  • Overcoming trauma or trying to find their way out of a crisis

Counselling for Students

  • Battling to make the ‘right’ course of study
  • Managing the stress of fitting in or belonging
  • Coping with peer pressure
  • Overcoming trauma or trying to find their way out of a crisis
  • Overcoming social awkwardness
  • Making friends

MKP New Warriors

  • Complete the MKP NWTA but do not feel like continuing the journey in a group setting
  • Wish to enrich the encounter with self

- Studio 7, Mainstream Village and Malls