Clinical Psychologist, Leslie Ebben B.A Psych (UJ), B.A. Hons Psych (UJ), M.A Clin Psych (UJ)

Bertus Swanepoel

Counselling Psychologist

I am a Counselling Psychologist in private practice in Centurion, registered with the Health Professions Council of South-Africa.

I assist individuals, groups, couples and families with life challenges to facilitate behaviour change towards more meaningful and valued living.

I use an evidence based therapy called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) in my Practice.

ACT utilizes an eclectic mix of metaphor, paradox, and mindfulness skills, along with a wide range of experiential exercises and values-guided behavioural interventions.

Reasons why people seek help from a Psychologist

People may sometimes feel so entangled in their emotions and thoughts that no matter how hard they try, they seem to be stuck in a vicious cycle where their efforts to free themselves from these emotions and thoughts doesn’t work. They become anxious and desperate and sometimes lose hope for themselves, their lives and their relationships. It is normally at that stage where they come to see a psychologist for counselling.

How I work

I facilitate conversations where clients and couples get the opportunity to understand why some cycles of effort to get liberated from emotional challenges do not work, and even worse, why their efforts sometimes aggravate the situation. Through a process of committed action clients may become more emotionally aware of their own processes which could enhance intentional living with more meaning despite challenges.

I know from experience that certain Christian clients prefer to see only a Christian psychologist. As I am a Christian I would gladly assist them.

My experience

I have been working with teenagers and adults in and out of my private practice in a wide variety of contexts such as Sport Codes, High Schools, Universities, Rehabilitation Centres, Clinics and Corporate institutions.

I facilitate processes with individuals, couples and groups on a wide variety of issues such as

  • Anxiety
  • Feeling down or Depressed
  • Family problems
  • Work problems
  • Trauma
  • Chronic pain
  • Marriage problems
  • Relationship problems
  • Sport participation

Practice Number: 0860000304174
HPCSA Number: PS 0103713

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