Ilé Schutte

Counselling Psychologist
Centurion & Waterkloof Glen, Pretoria
MA (Couns Psych) (UP)
Mobile Number: 071 463 1994
27 Albert Road, Irene, Centurion, South Africa
357 Roslyn Avenue, Waterkloof Glen, Pretoria

Ilé Schutte is a Counselling Psychologist registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA), practicing with Psychologists Centurion in Pretoria. At Psychologists Centurion we aim to assist individuals in dealing with challenging life situations, emotional difficulties, stressful adjustments and relationship problems. Our goal is to guide them in finding new, more effective ways to manage their unique challenges in life.

Our practice offers a variety of services and our approach to therapy, counselling and coaching is solution focused, short term (1 – 8 sessions), customised, directive and empowering. Furthermore, we use techniques from different therapeutic approaches to suit our clients’ specific needs.

Services include

  • Therapy and Counselling (Individual, Couples and Family)
  • Career Assessments & Guidance
  • Parental Support and Training
  • Couples and Marriage interventions
  • Corporate Employee Assessments
  • Scholastic Assessments
  • Sport Psychology Interventions

has been trained in sport psychology and therefore can assist athletes in enhancing their performance or dealing with challenges within the sporting domain.

We provide therapy to individuals, as well as couples for a variety of issues including

  • Trauma
  • Bereavement
  • Marital Problems
  • Relationship Problems
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Identity Problems
  • Stress-related Problems
  • Sport Participation
  • Addiction
  • Eating Problems
  • Abuse
  • Self Improvement

We also do holistic and comprehensive career assessments and career counselling for high school pupils or prospective students.

Practice Number: 0553131
HPCSA Number: 0125482