Dr Siobhán Sweeney

Counselling Psychologist

Claremont, Lynfrae & Rondebosch, Cape Town

PhD Psych (Rhodes), MA Couns Psych (Rhodes)

021 671 1257



Cook Road, Claremont, Cape Town, South Africa

I am a registered Counselling Psychologist in private practice offering both psychotherapy and assessment for children, adolescents and adults.  In addition to offering Play Therapy and Individual Psychotherapy, I also work with parents and their infants. While working with children, I work closely and collaboratively with parents offering support with parenting difficulties and developing parenting skills.

Drawing from a Psychodynamic approach, psychotherapy aims to gain an understanding around the difficulties one is experiencing and examine in-depth what is behind one’s behaviour. In using the therapeutic relationship, which offers a sense of security and containment, clients are given the opportunity to identify difficulties, reflect on experiences and reach a place where they can begin to heal through acceptance and nurturing their strengths.

In my work with children, I work from a Child-Centred approach which provides children with a non-directive and accepting environment where they can express their thoughts and emotions in constructive ways to gain a sense of mastery.

I hope to assist individuals in dealing with a range of difficulties such as relationship or adjustment stress, work or scholastic difficulties, mood and anxiety disorders and childhood disorders as well as to bring about change by providing a safe, containing space which gives one the opportunity for self-exploration and personal growth. I believe individuals have an innate capacity to grow and one can continue to progress along a developmental path by understanding and valuing our vulnerabilities. By working collaboratively in psychotherapy, through exploring one’s internal world and how it relates to the environment, emotional and psychic pain can be acknowledged and desired change brought about.

Personal growth is a life journey and it is a privilege to be invited as a fellow traveller on parts of this journey and a privilege, as a therapist, to witness the challenging but remarkable changes one makes on their travels.

Practice Number: 0860020409235
HPCSA Number: PS 0113476