Eleen Polson

Counselling Psychologist

Are you tired of “only talking” about your situation or problems?

Would you like to experience what is lying deeper than the surface – experience how the body keeps the score? Learn how to release tension and stress on the deepest levels.

I am Eleen Polson, a counselling psychologist with a specialisation in body-mind psychotherapy and expressive arts therapy. For the past 25 years, I have developed a unique approach to helping clients access their innate body wisdom to facilitate growth and healing. I combine traditional psychotherapeutic techniques with body-work, TRE (trauma release exercises), movement, art and music to facilitate insight and change.

I work with adults, teenagers and children on an individual, in-depth therapeutic level to customize interventions for their specific needs. I offer expressive arts therapy retreats and TRE (trauma release exercises) in a group context.

My studio practice is in Clydesdale (near Pretoria Girls High School) and I also consult from time to time at Hoogland Health Hydro.

Gain an understanding of how I work by viewing my on-line course Grow&Heal~tips&tools to upgrade human connections (https://grow-heal.thinkific.com/courses/grow-heal-foundation)