Lauren Beukes - Counselling Psychologist - Craighall Park


Counselling Psychologist

I’m a counselling psychologist based in Craighall Park who enjoys working with adults. I offer individual therapy and couples therapy focused on understanding ourselves (past and present) and our relational patterns.

Counselling psychologists assess, diagnose and treat people that are facing various life challenges and developmental problems in order to improve psychological well-being. Some of these life challenges could include trauma, relationship and family difficulties, career difficulties or problems related to poor motivation and self-esteem.

I believe that all people, especially in times of hardship, are looking for connection and meaning in life. I put every effort into providing a non-judgemental, free-thinking environment so that we, therapist and client, can join together in thinking about identity, relationships and other elements of life.

I primarily work from a psychodynamic framework but tailor this to suit each client’s need.

Practice Number: 086 002 0752509
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