John Soderlund - Counselling Psychologist - Dreyersdal Cape Town

John Soderlund

Counselling Psychologist

John Soderlund - Counselling Psychologist - Dreyersdal Cape Town

Dreyersdal, Cape Town

MA Psychology (Counselling) from UKZN (2000)

082 799 3471


20 Starke Road, Dreyersdal, Cape Town, South Africa

I’d like to help you to gain more understanding of your relationships with your most precious others, your work and your play. When you have greater insight into these dynamics, you will be able to more clearly see the options available to navigate them and to more confidently make the decisions that are best for you and those around you.

Therapy can be a place where you are able to thoughtfully and thoroughly examine your life patterns – a privileged endeavour in which very few of us actively engage during our lifetimes. When successful, it can allow a new clarity of thought on what and who really counts, what makes us tick and where we are likely to find our greatest sense of meaning and purpose.

Qualifications and experience

In 2000, I qualified with an MA in Counselling Psychology for UKZN and have engaged professional development activities throughout my career to stay abreast of key issues in the mental health field.

Besides my private practice role, I have worked in various contexts since 2020.

From 2000 to 2016, I cofounded and served as editor of New Therapist magazine (, an international, professional magazine guiding therapists towards providing an informed, sustainable, ethical and effective service to their clients.

Since 2000, I have designed and implemented wellness and psychological services to corporate and organisational clients through employee assistance providers. To date, these services have been used by over 200,000 members of the South African workforce.

For various periods during the past 10 years, I have worked in hospital settings designing and implementing treatment programmes and providing therapy to clients who struggle with depression, anxiety and addiction.

Guiding principles

Often, old patterns recur in our daily life and, while they might have served a purpose in the past, they may be holding us back in our present life circumstances. I believe that insight into these patterns, coupled with a deeper understanding of how we developed them and how they might be limiting us in the present, is best accomplished in a safe, non-judgmental, confidential therapeutic relationship.

I regard integrity in our most important relationships as central to our overall health and find much satisfaction helping couples to become more real and engaged with one another when those relationships feel most under threat.

I  have a strong interest in how our behaviours in daily life subtly, but powerfully, influence our overall sense of wellbeing and in how we can make changes to these to tip the balance towards increasingly engaged and confident ways of being in our home and work lives.

As my own age marches relentlessly onwards, I am increasingly interested in how we seek meaning that goes beyond simply making a living, raising a family and being a respectable citizen. I see creativity as an essential component of psychological health and enjoy exploring with my clients where that can be most meaningfully nurtured. I also pursue a range of creative pursuits that I believe are central to my own sanity, including musical composition and performance and the building of custom guitars.

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- 20 Starke Road, Dreyersdal, Cape Town