Clinical Psychologist, Leslie Ebben B.A Psych (UJ), B.A. Hons Psych (UJ), M.A Clin Psych (UJ)

Milisa Marx

Counselling Psychologist

I believe people can live emotionally healthier and happier lives. The way I believe this can be achieved in my clients, is by:

  • Preventing the development of mental health problems through the identification and cultivation of clients’ existing skills;
  • Developing, encouraging and supporting clients’ emotional growth and holistic wellness, and
  • Offering remedial work to support clients struggling with psychological, developmental, adjustment and career issues.

To achieve the above, I provide individual short- and long term psychotherapy, custom-designed workshops and assessments.

A. Individual psychotherapy: Although I work with individuals of all ages, I have a special interest in helping women and adolescent girls (12 years and over) deal with:

  • Relational difficulties, including emotional abuse and loss/grief;
  • Post-abortion emotional difficulties;
  • Adjustment difficulties such as relocation and divorce;
  • Life changes and life stage transitions such as new personal and professional roles;
  • Self-esteem, body image and identity issues;
  • Emotional self-care;
  • Self-development and personal growth.

In addition to this, I have experience in assisting clients who struggle with anxiety/depression, bereavement, anger and stress management, trauma and PTSD and career-related difficulties, such as career choice, career change and development.

B. Workshops: I design and facilitate personalised, tailor-made workshops relating to professional and/or personal development, such as assertiveness, self-understanding and personal growth.

C. Assessments: I select, administer and interpret psychometric assessments such as:

  • IQ assessments;
  • Assessments for learning disabilities;
  • Developmental delays;
  • Career choice and career development; and
  • Personality assessments.

My approach is integrative (using a variety of therapeutic perspectives), and is determined by the unique needs and therapeutic goals identified by the client.

My focus is on establishing an open, accepting and non-judgmental relational connection with the client, based on mutual respect, sound professional and ethical principles.

HPCSA number: PS0128147
Practice number:

- Promed Child & Family Unit