Olga Molebatsi - Counselling Psychologist - Rustenburg, Johannesburg

Olga Molebatsi

Counselling Psychologist

Olga Molebatsi - Counselling Psychologist - Rustenburg, Johannesburg

Hatfield, Sunnyside, Pretoria & Online consultations (telephonic, zoom or whatsapp video call)

MA Counselling Psychology (UP)

012 3444 000

082 489 5035


155 Relly Street, Sunnyside, Pretoria, 0002, South Africa

I have experience working with children, adolescents, students, adults, couples and families. People come for a consultation/counselling for different reasons. Life is filled with challenges, experiences, incidents, the unexpected, as well as readjustments. These can present themselves in a form of: stress within any area of your life, problems at work/university or in a relationship/marriage, divorce, trauma (rape, robberies, etc.), loss of a loved one, depression (being suicidal) or anxiety, bullying, burnout, an illness (HIV/AIDS included), etc.

In other cases, others may feel a need to equip themselves with skills that will assist them to engage life being prepared, that is in terms of life skills. These include financial management, premarital counselling, parenting, time management, presentation skills, conflict resolution, study skills, employability skills, etc.

Lastly, some may need to work on the area of self-development, in terms of gaining a deeper understanding of themselves. The goal could be to develop themselves in terms of career, relationships or for personal growth. In these cases we may attend to issues of self-esteem, self-image, assertiveness, career assessment, career counselling, among other things.

All the above mentioned issues can have a significant impact on us as people, and if left unattended the results could be fatal in other cases. Therefore, we may need support, as well as assistance in coping and dealing with these issues. Whatever the case may be, it helps to have a space that is safe and none judgemental, where one can be free and open. I can provide a supportive space to talk, as well as assist you to learn adaptive coping skills.

During a consultation I do not answer my phone, therefore if there is no reply to your call, leave a voice mail or send an sms/email. Calls will be returned to you soonest.

COVID-19: As an essential service provider, I will be in full operation during the lockdown and beyond in a form of online consultations (telephonic, zoom or whatsapp video). Email me directly on olga.molebatsi@yahoo.com or contact me on 082 489 5035. You are welcome to inquire using a phone call, whatsapp or sms during working hours.

I do take medical aid; fees are according to medical aid tariffs. Cash payments are accepted, billable after each session.

HPCSA Number: PS 0126713
Practice Number: 0585777

- Practice is 10 minutes away from the University of Pretoria Main Campus (UP)