Yvonne Dobson

Counselling Psychologist

I am a Counselling Psychologist with 30 years of work experience with clients with life stress, depression, anxieties, relationship difficulties, post-traumatic stress, etc.

Through psychotherapy I assist clients with discovering their true selves, their inner strength and wholeness. We are all wounded in some way and attempt to protect ourselves and to cope with life through self-defeating defensive behaviours and ‘coping’ mechanisms. People often distort their true selves, their essence, and limit their potential of who they truly are, due to inner fears, negative belief systems and patterns of functioning. This leads to difficulties in relationships, work, etc and results in mood disorders, anxieties, addictions, etc.

Psychotherapy is a tool that may be used to assist people on their life journey through healing, transformation and self-discovery.  The purpose is so that they may be able to live fuller and more constructive lives, and thus, be able to contribute more effectively to themselves and life as an individual, partner, parent, family and community.

“Counselling Psychologists assist relatively well-adjusted people in dealing with normal problems of life concerning all stages and aspects of a person’s existence in order to facilitate desirable psychological adjustment, growth, and maturity.”

I work with adults only, and my areas of interest and 30+ years of work experience in private practice and in Government institutions includes:

  • Mood disorders (Depression to Bipolar Disorders)
  • Anxiety disorders and difficulties
  • Adult survivors of chronic trauma
  • Adjustment difficulties and life changes (work, divorce, death, reconstructed families; “mid-life crisis”)
  • “Co-dependency”, and other challenging personality functioning, and other substance and behaviour abuse/addictions
  • Aggression and other destructive behaviours and personality traits
  • Abuse (sexual, physical, emotional, verbal)
  • Eating difficulties
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Self- esteem and assertiveness
  • Meaning of life questions / spirituality / mind-body difficulties
  • Supervision of other therapists and counsellors

My therapeutic approach is eclectic, in that I use a variety of concepts and techniques from various theoretical systems. I believe more may be gained this way as I can work with my client holistically using my own developed intuition and the unique qualities of the client.

These therapies include:

Psychodynamic and Self Psychology, cognitive-behavioural therapy (including deep relaxation and meditation skills), existentialism, narrative therapy, hypnotherapy, transactional analysis, Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT), and Affect Regulation Therapy (ART –

I am also a trained Reiki Master and use these skills to assist in mind-body connections to enhance therapeutic intervention.

As a Psychologist I aim to:

  • Assist people to manage, work through and transform painful and difficult life experiences and emotions (divorce, addictions, depression, anxieties);
  • Assist in the raising of consciousness through challenging irrational thinking and to broaden perspectives of life.
  • Assist people in having an enhanced understanding of themselves and others, to have more functional and conscious relationships, and to be able to take more responsibility for their life situations and themselves so that lives may be enhanced and enriched.

I have focussed intensely on my personal psychological growth (mind, body, and soul), and will continue to do so as it is also through our own experiences and learning that we can assist others on their life journey.

Practice No: 8628211