Zain Julies - Counselling Psychologist - Milnerton, Cape Town

Zain Julies

Counselling Psychologist

Zain Julies - Counselling Psychologist - Milnerton, Cape Town

Milnerton, Cape Town

BA (Nelson Mandela University - NMU); Hons (Labour relations and Human Resources) - NMU; Hons (Psychology) - NMU; MA (Counselling Psychology) - NMU

079 812 0113

Zain Julies Milnerton Medi Clinic, Racecourse Road, Milnerton, Cape Town, South Africa

With years of experience and training in a variety of approaches, I work together with you to explore and work through habitual patterns or a current unexpected crisis. I have been guiding adults, young adults, children and adolescents through challenging situations since 2002.

I work in way that I am primarily guided by the formulation of the case. This case formulation approach to assessment and treatment guides the choice from available psychological theories and evidence based treatments when attempting to understand the client’s problems and then individualizing treatment to resolve them.

The Trans-diagnostic model of case formulation is used to identify underlying mechanisms and responses which contribute and intensify individual suffering. This approach includes integrating skills from:

  • Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT)
  • Dialetical behaviour therapy (DBT) (emotion regulation, distress tolerance, interpersonal skills and mindfulness)
  • Acceptance and Commitment therapy (ACT).

Practice Number: 0157503
HPCSA Number: PS0083402

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