Prof Gertie Pretorius - Counselling Psychologist - Roodepoort

Prof. Gertie Pretorius

Counselling Psychologist

Prof Gertie Pretorius - Counselling Psychologist - Roodepoort

Randpark Ridge, Randburg, Johannesburg

BA (Psychology) BA Honours (Psychology), MA (Counselling Psychologist), D.Litt. Et Phil (Psychology), MA (Philosophy) specialising in Ethics

084 482 2542

082 853 0655

7 Ateljee Street, Randpark Ridge, Randburg, South Africa

Prof Pretorius has been registered as a Counselling Psychologist for the past 42 years and as a Research Psychologist for the past 15 years. In addition to her psychology background, she holds a Master’s degree in philosophy, specialising in ethics, which underpins her passion for managing an ethical practice.  Prof Pretorius is currently in private practice as a psychologist in Gauteng, where she facilitates the healing, growth and resilience of her clients.

As a bilingual South African, she practices in both Afrikaans and English. This accounts for her immense respect concerning the diversity of language, culture, religion, and sexual orientation. She is also passionate about gender issues, focussing on the difficulties  individuals from different genders face in their everyday lives.

Prof Pretorius is not only highly skilled in psychological counselling and therapy for couples, parents, adolescents, and children, but is also exceedingly qualified and seasoned in Psycho-Legal (Forensic Psychology) work. She has extensive experience in the subjects related to various types of criminal Psycho-Legal Work, including, but not limited to violent crimes, fraud, and sexual offences. As such, Prof Pretorius regularly assists the Honourable Court in matters pertaining to both alleged perpetrators and victims of crime. Prof Pretorius’ skillset further extends to Psycho-Labour Work, which includes disputes about unfair dismissals and other Labour related issues, as well as Psycho-Legal Work pertaining to the relocation, residence, care and contact of families and children. 

Furthermore, Prof Pretorius mentors, supervises, and trains Psychologists, and Registered Counsellors in therapeutic and counselling approaches within their scope of practice, and provides supervision for Psychologists relating to Psycho-Legal (Forensic) matters.  Professor Pretorius also runs her own CPD Academy, offering CPD accredited workshops for Psychologists, Registered Counsellors and Psychometrists.

Practice number: 8619352

HPCSA Registration Number: PS0015024

- Bastion House, First Floor