Rene Pfaff

Counselling Psychologist
Somerset West
Mobile Number: 076 317 6412
5 Heide Avenue, Helena Heights, Cape Town, South Africa

René Pfaff completed a BA (cum laude), BA Hons (cum laude) and MA Psychology at the University of Pretoria.  She has been a registered Counselling Psychologist for the past 26 years.  After completing her Masters Dissertation in the area of Child Psychology she spent time at a School for Learning Disabled learners, various colleges, universities and organisations after which she started her private practice.

She assists clients to gain insight into themselves and others.  She works together with her clients to eliminate barriers and self-limiting beliefs in order for each individual and family to become the successful and happy people that they were all meant to be. “I have a passion for unleashing each unique individual’s full potential whilst allowing them to fully enjoy and cherish all aspects of the gift called “life”.

She works in the areas of Assessments,  Learning Difficulties, ADHD, Behavioral Problems, Emotional Difficulties such as Depression, Play Therapy,  Career Counselling, Study Methods,  Parental Guidance,  Family Therapy, Couples Counselling and Hypnotherapy
She is married and mother to 3 children.  René lives and practices in Somerset West.  She works in Afrikaans and English.

Rene is contracted to all medical aids but also offers discounted cash rates for those who need to pay privately.

Practice No 0458996
PS 0061255