Abegail Schwartz

Counselling Psychologist
Wynberg, Fishhoek, Cape Town
MA Counselling Psych (Rhodes University, RSA); MSc Ed (Strathclyde University, UK)
Mobile Number: 079 801 0853
Les Femmes Wellness Centre, 54 Broad Road, Wynberg, Cape Town
Family Counselling Centre, Fishhoek

As Counselling Psychologist, I provide therapy and counselling for children, teenagers, their parents/caregivers and adults in general. I am also passionate about emotional support for the elderly.

My work is underpinned by the belief that every person is unique and therefore, supporting them to making sense of what they are going through, is half the battle won to overcome emotional and personal challenges that might be interfering with their daily functioning.  Making sense is not a common process.  It is not a one-for-all.  It is an individual experience, that is personal and sometimes difficult.

My role is to support you, your daughter, your son, your family, to reach that moment(s) of clarity that will allow you or them to be good to yourself/themselves and others, to make choices and take practical steps that will lead to more optimal functioning.

My approach is profoundly influenced by the various people I have met throughout my career.  I have a particular interest in therapy approaches and techniques that acknowledge people as experts in their own lives, emphasises the present and future, are solution focused and allows for the reshaping of new realities and meanings of lives.

As therapist, I have heard stories of distress, trauma, abuse and great sadness.  I have however, also heard many stories of strength, reliance, courage, and optimism.  I believe that the process of therapy takes a lot of consistent, hard and sometimes painful work, but that the work is always worth it.

Practice Number: 0764477
HPCSA Number: PS 0134350

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