Esmarilda Dankaert

Counselling Psychologist & Psychometrist

I’m Esmarilda Dankaert, a Counselling Psychologist and Psychometrist, with a passion for helping people like YOU attain true self-mastery and finally live the life that YOU deserve! I specialize in working with depression, anxiety, perfectionism, body dissatisfaction, eating disorders, burnout, self-esteem, self-harm, as well as relationship and career difficulties. Additionally, I thrive on personal development and have a passion for helping others discover their true self.

I utilize a combination of psychotherapeutic approaches from disciplines such as psychoanalysis, attachment theory, compassion-focused therapy, solution-focused therapy, and cognitive-behavioural therapy. My aim with therapy is to help you gain self-insight so that you are able to understand your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours in order to make the changes needed in your life on a truly meaningful level. I am also a firm believer in wholistic wellbeing and I always incorporate all aspects of your life. I often provide practical tools as part of my therapeutic processes.

I believe every person has what they need to live their best life – I just help them find it!

- 76 Regent Road, The Point Shopping Centre, 3rd Floor, Suite 307, Sea Point