Luzelle Fish

Registered Counsellour and BWRT Practitioner

Mowbray, Cape Town

Honours Psychology (UWC), Honours Educational Psychology (UP), BPrim(ed) (UP)

073 209 8890

5 Harriers Road, Mowbray, Cape Town, South Africa

Luzelle works in private practice as a Registered Counsellor and mainly does individual counselling and coaching with adults, focussing on trauma, childhood sexual abuse, confidence, self-worth, stress, phobias/fears and grief.

She is a qualified Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BWRT) practitioner. The BWRT protocol is designed to rapidly change unwanted neural pathways, responses and behaviours.  People who have suffered from painful traumatic incidents, such as abuse, benefit greatly from this protocol as it leaves them feeling empowered and in control.  Fears/phobias, anxiety and trauma can also be effectively treated with BWRT.

Practice Number: 0810000623113
HPCSA Number: PRC 0026247