Leisha Mostert

Registered Counsellor

Durbanville & Constantia, Cape Town

Bachelor of Psychology Degree

066 288 2106


5 Manus Gerber Street, N1 City, Cape Town, South Africa

I am a Registered Counsellor in Durbanville and Constantia, currently focusing on trauma-related difficulties in the areas of anxiety, depression, substance use, PTSD, and other everyday challenges that may arise. I predominantly work with adults, however I have historical experience working with children and adolescents. I offer  individual, family or couples counselling and am able to see my clients virtually, or face-to-face, to cater for client’s individual needs.

I am of the view that counselling can greatly benefit anyone, as it allows you to become more self-aware and teaches you the skills to respond better in daily life. In turn, this assists you to become a better parent, partner, friend and colleague. We are often unable to hold someone else’s emotions when we cannot face our own. It is often extremely valuable to give yourself a space where you can become vulnerable and have the opportunity to explore the experiences that have shaped you. This allows you to understand your past and how these experiences might still be having an impact on your lived experiences.

When I interact with clients that are presenting with anti-social or substance-related challenges, I view it as a damaging coping skill that was adopted in an attempt to survive. Often, these coping strategies hold a lot of shame and stigma, making it that much harder to reach out for help. My goal is to provide an empathic space where we can explore these traumas and how you might still be bearing the costs thereof.

HPCSA Number:  PRC 0033405

- N1 City Mews, Block B, Unit B6