Jonathan Norton - Teen Counsellor - Johannesburg

Jonathan Norton

Registered Counsellor

Jonathan Norton - Teen Counsellor - Johannesburg

Glenvista, Alberton, Johannesburg South

I am an HPCSA (Health Professions Council South Africa) Registered Counsellor

076 311 5128

28 Rae Frankel Street, Brackenhurst, Alberton, South Africa
Glenvista, Johannesburg South, South Africa

I am a Professional Registered Counsellor (Registration Number PRC 0038849) Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA).

“What is Normal?”

This is the question I ask myself every day when speaking to people. The way in which people understand the world is subjective and I enjoy being able to work with each person’s own unique perspective in my practice. The word “normal” has always been boring and grey to me; I offer counselling for multiple mental and emotional issues to a variety of different people in different contexts.

I have experience in counseling the following population groups:

  • Drug addicts/Individuals with addictive behaviors (i.e. Cocaine, Marijuana, Pornography, Gambling)
  • Employees in the workplace/ corporate space (i.e. dealing with workplace disputes, workload, work/personal life balance, etc)
  • High school students (i.e. substance abuse among adolescents, bullying, school work difficulties, domestic violence)

I like to integrate cognitive-behavioral, person-centered, and narrative techniques in my practice in conjunction with other counseling techniques

Practice Number:
HPCSA Number:
PRC 0038849