Arjan Bogaers

Qualified Counsellor, Life Coach
McGregor, Langeberg
Telephone: 023 625 1969
Mobile Number: 072 827 1937
Email Address:
Skype: heartandsoul03
12 Loop Street, Mcgregor, South Africa

“When you are confronted with unavoidable suffering and circumstances that cannot be changed, you are challenged to change yourself.”  Viktor Frankl

The entry of a chronic condition, possibly accompanied by pain and disability, presents a fundamental change in your world.

Especially those conditions that are the cause of permanent and far-reaching changes severely upset your reality and need permanent adjustments.

Aside from the immediate practical issues that present themselves, such as the nature and accessibility of medical therapy, your level of function, adjusting your professional and social roles, financial repercussions and pain therapy, you also experience deep and overwhelming inner trauma.

This profound biographical event places you on the threshold between the person you were and the person you can become.

When in despair and in fear of an invisible future, the counselling of Heart and Soul will help you toward living a life of quality and meaning within the context of your illness, pain and / or disability. Our service is offered with an understanding born from both professional and personal experience with chronic conditions.

Due to the symptoms and limitations associated with a chronic condition, the services offered by Heart and Soul Counselling can be entirely accessed by you online via email counselling and / or real time video consultations.

The scope of my work includes:

  • Rehabilitation
  • Skill building
  • Coming to terms with the loss of your previous life
  • Finding meaning in your suffering
  • Assistance of partner & family
  • Building a support structure
  • Self-help resources
  • Illness-related depression
  • Illness-related isolation
  • Self-compassion
  • 3-phase soul journey of chronic illness
  • The wounded healer within you

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For each of us, there is a place we would rather be. Yet healing and purpose are found in making the best of where we are.