Rudzani Mashige

Counsellor and Life Coach

Clearwater, Roodepoort

BA (Health Sciences and Social Services) - UNISA; Honours BA (Psychological Counselling) - UNISA; Life Coach Certification - Action Factory

060 877 0004


Clearwater, Allen's Nek, Roodepoort, South Africa


Rudzani is a registered counsellor and certified life coach based in Roodepoort. She aspires to empower every client to reach their true potential in all areas of their lives. The counselling &/or coaching journey is facilitative process that helps clients to gain a deeper understanding of themselves, uncover and dispose-off limiting beliefs and habits that block progress.


I am a registered counsellor and certified life coach, with two degrees in psychology.

  • BA (Health Sciences and Social Services) – University of South Africa
  • Honours BA (Psychological Counselling) – University of South Africa
  • Life Coach Certification – Action Factory

I am registered as a Practitioner Member with Coaches and Mentors Association of South Africa. (COMENSA) and registered with the Council for Counsellors in South Africa (C4CSA)

Philosophy and Counselling/Coaching Approach

I am passionate about human development and behaviour. As a coach and counsellor, I provide a safe and optimal space for the client, in which to achieve the personal transformation and growth needed to thrive. I will help you find clarity, purpose and empower you to achieve your goals.  I will help you deepen your understanding of yourself, master your issues and learn how to improve your relationships. I will ask you questions that will help you evaluate your life, objectively. I believe that every individual has the innate ability to design their lives and while you take the necessary steps, I will support you all the way. My support comes in the form of helping you how to plan, to execute and through guidance and motivation.  I also provide you with emotional support and psychoeducation. I will help you find what feels right for you by helping you to reveal the answers to yourself throughout our coaching/counselling sessions. The goal of the coaching/ counselling sessions is to empower my clients to discover their true selves and know where to find the right resources in order to execute their plan of action.

The Counselling/Coaching Process

The counselling &/or coaching process is made up of customised solutions for gaining personal mastery and focuses on specific personal projects aimed at specific areas of the client’s life.  I provide a safe space to allow my clients to explore their various areas of difficulties and challenges currently affecting them. I work with clients to help them discover meaning from experiences and assist them with finding direction. The first thing we will do is get an understanding of the problem. We will also look at what are the challenges or obstacles preventing the client from reaching his/her goals. We then look at resources and courses of action to help the client to achieve his/her goals. I also provide emotional support and psychoeducation.

I use various tools in the counselling process. These tools focus on unlocking the client’s potential and help them shift their limiting beliefs and thought patterns and generating new behaviour.

I provide face-to-face coaching and counselling. The duration of sessions is usually 45-50 minutes.

Rates are R500 per session.


You Need a counsellor if You:

  • Are stuck at crossroads or not sure which decision to take.
  • Mostly feel depressed, unhappy, hopeless or not in control
  • Desire change but do not know what to do or where to start
  • Feel like you are failing
  • Want to find inner peace and happiness
  • Want to find meaning & purpose
  • Want to learn to deal with stress and anxiety
  • Desire to live your best life and design the future that you want.

Coaching is an empowering programme, with the following benefits:

  • Creating awareness to evaluate their reality from a objective angle
  • Creating new solutions to old patterns
  • Creating ways to overcome limiting thoughts and behaviours
  • Facilitate and provide support and motivation during the change process
  • Holds clients accountable for their commitment to their change process