Raine Cohen - Educational Psychologist - Sandton, Johannesburg

Raine Cohen


I am an educational psychologist and I have been in practice for over 20 years…..

My interest in psychology started with an interest in why we get stuck in particular ways of behaving which aren’t always helpful and useful… the logical place to begin my quest was with infants and children. Since graduating much of my post graduate training and work has been with adults, families and parents, both with and without their children, as well as children.

Infants and children proved to be a good starting point as this is when behaviours are still in the process of being tested out and habits have yet to be entrenched. Coming from a psychodynamic approach my belief is that one’s early years are vital in shaping our experiences of the world. These experiences determine what we expect from others as well as how we respond to or set up patterns of behaviour in relation to, initially those close to us but later to those we come across in our environment, first at school, in a social setting and later in a work environment.

In therapy my role is to work with clients to help them become aware of these patterns so that they can be more mindful in their interactions with others and have more choice in how they view the world and the decisions they make.

My areas of interest include:

  • Adults
  • Children
  • Parents with infants and young children

Practice Number: 8629536
HPCSA Number:0041890