Rephael Perkel

EFT (AAMET-ADV) & Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner, Life Coach

Consultations in person or online 

Experience deep inner healing for trauma, anxiety & all emotional problems 

Healing and transformation happens for all of us through expanded awareness. Firstly, we awaken to our unconscious purposes and become aware of the internal blocks that hold us back. This allows us to deconstruct the beliefs and emotional patterns that have formed our identity and begin to freely access our authentic Self. We become open to new possibilities and experience more connection, freedom, confidence and fulfilment.

 “I went to Rephael to work on chronic, unbearable anxiety…  I have not only dealt with my anxiety, but I have had the privilege of discovering myself… I have healed so much from past hurts… as well as from childhood trauma… I have been able to cure my anxiety and better my relationships, not only with others but also with myself. I feel like I have been freed… It has been life changing to say the very least.”

Experience the benefits of Rephael’s integrated approach 

IFS therapy (Internal Family Systems) identifies, heals and reintegrates the fragmented defense mechanisms or protective “parts” of our personality that emerged in reaction to traumatic experiences. This allows us to access, redeem and freely express our true, essential Self. 

EFT/tapping and Matrix Reimprinting are advanced forms of somatic/energy therapy that work through the mind-body connection. This facilitates the rapid and permanent release of trapped emotions or blocked energies lying at the root of our trauma and other emotional problems. 

Rephael combines the above modalities with various other cognitive and experiential methodologies. 

“I have been struggling with unresolved childhood emotional trauma… I spent many hours with spiritual healers, psychologists… I had a few sessions with Rephael… Shortly after my last session [of three] I suddenly realized that I was no longer dwelling on the past hurts and injustices that had haunted me for so long.  I was at peace with myself and ready to move on without dragging the painful past with me… having healing sessions with Rephael was far faster and much more complete than anything I have tried before. My absolute gratitude to him.”

Rephael’s approach is also highly effective in alleviating chronic physical ailments including various auto-immune conditions, by addressing the underlying causes – often rooted in unresolved emotional pain or trauma. 

 “As a qualified clinical psychologist, I was bowled over at Rephael’s uncanny ability to masterfully facilitate psychological processes and zone in on the most pertinent issues… In the session I experienced a powerful epiphany and deep core-realisation… open, completely non-judgmental and accepting and creating a very safe container and space in which to process potentially very vulnerable material… I can’t recommend Rephael highly enough.”

“My sessions with Rephael Perkel and EFT have been life transforming. The speed and depth at which core issues are dealt with and put to bed are nothing short of profound. I am lighter and happier and can highly recommend Rephael and this healing tool!”

Rephael provides effective healing for:

  • anxiety or depression
  • trauma & PTSD
  • relationship issues
  • obsessive/compulsive disorders (OCD)
  • eating disorders
  • addictions
  • fears or phobias
  • IBS
  • auto-immune disorders
  • chronic pain or fatigue
  • and much more